The Indecision of Cancer Treatment for Your Pet?

The Indecision of Cancer Treatment for Your Pet





We love our pets, am I right? The indecision of cancer treatment for your pet can be overwhelming, though. Some people who have the means will do everything they can for their pet and some will do nothing. Then, there are the people who do not have the means and will put themselves in big debt to help their pet. You still have those that will do nothing.

For those whom will do nothing, this article is not for you. That is your prerogative, unless your pet is suffering. If your pet is suffering and you are not willing to help it at least give it to a shelter. Let them help it and find a better home for it.



The Indecision of Cancer Treatment for Your Pet
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If you have the means to get your pet into the best hospital around and the best medicine available, then this article is not for you either. You are amazing and should adopt more pets.  You are lucky if you never had to think twice about your pets care.

The Indecision of Cancer Treatment for Your Pet?

This article is for those that have pets, love your pets like family, but are faced with the indecision of cancer treatment for your pet. Not just cancer, any operation can be expensive. I am here to tell you not to feel guilty if you cannot get your pet everything it needs. If you have to decide to feed your family, including your pet, or getting your 8-year-old dog cancer treatment, your family comes first.

A standard course of chemotherapy costs between $3,000 and $5,000, and radiation treatments used for brain and nasal tumors run between $6,000 and $10,000. Costs vary by region and the type of cancer, among other factors.Dec 18, 2015



The Indecision of Cancer Treatment for Your Pet





Some veterinarians will work with you and make a payment plan if you are willing and able to do that. Other vets want payment at time of service and many of us just do not have that kind of cash lying around. That means we have a decision to make. Do not let your vet guilt you into doing the surgery or treatments. This is your decision to make. Factor in the age of the pet, the quality of life they will have with and without treatment. Sometimes treatment can only extend their life for a year. Ask your vet about making payments. Do everything you are able to do, but do not feel guilty if you are unable to do very much or anything at all.

Did You Do All You Could?

You are going to feel sad at the loss of your pet, but never let guilt be an issue. Sometimes a pet is just an animal, but you need to eat, your children need to eat, you have bills to pay (I’m not saying eat the pet, that’s just how it sounded).We have to put ourselves first. I know several pet owners that will gladly go into debt to save their pet. That is their choice and if their children are getting what they need, who am I to say anything.

Now, you can always set up one of those charity websites. You know, the ones where celebrities beg for money to pay their bail. Don’t be insulted if you do not raise enough. I think the celebrities have tapped everyone out.

Basic care, shots and fixing are very important. If you can’t afford the yearly shots or getting you pet spayed or neutered then I would reconsider a pet that requires it. Those are things that they need, like child vaccinations. They are preventative and will save you money in the future, gut costly surgeries are another matter. If you have given your pet the best care you can afford, and the best years for that pet, be comfortable with that.




The Indecision of Cancer Treatment for Your Pet The Indecision of Cancer Treatment for Your Pet

Feral Isn’t Better

The average life span for feral cats and dogs is approximately five years; there hasn’t been mush study on that subject. Yes, they have lower occurrences of obesity and diabetes, but a higher rate of mammary cancer and parasite contracted illnesses, they also have a higher rate of starvation. So, the years you can give to your dog or cat are still better than them being feral. So, when faced with the indecision of cancer treatment for your pet, or any other life saving treatment, do not feel guilty if you cannot do more to help them. Do what you can and know they had a good life with you.



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Just a Little Cuteness

Laugh Until It’s All Better

We all love funny animal videos, admit it. They wouldn’t be so popular if we didn’t. It’s OK, animals are cute and it helps relieve stress to see something cute, something funny, or something soothing. I am on the hunt for cuteness and I will post it here.

So, if you see funny videos or have funny animal jokes let me know. I will post it here if I can. Anything has to be better than all the post I’m getting about sports jerseys and gym shoes. Spammers are getting on my nerves, I need funny.


Just a Little Cuteness
All your grooming needs

Spay and Neutering is Important?

Spay and Neutering is Important?

Why, yes, spay and neutering is important. For every dog or cat that gets pregnant at least three new cats and dogs are brought into the world. Some have litters of seven to ten, do the math! Ten cats have seven babies each, that’s 70 new cats. Where do most of these new cats and dogs end up? In the shelter.

“Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats” (ASPCA).

Spay and Neutering is Important?

Do you know how long on average shelters keep dogs and cats that come in? 72 hours. That’s three days. There are just way to many stray dogs and cats for shelters to keep. This is why spay and neutering is Important. It cuts down on the amount of babies born, therefore it cuts down on the amount that will be killed in a shelter.

Spay and Neutering is Important?

“Animal shelters, both public and private, are faced with an incredible burden: What to do with the overpopulation of dogs and cats that they cannot find homes for? Approximately 3.7 million animals are euthanized at shelters each year, due to the sheer fact that there are not enough willing adopters. Having your pet spayed or neutered ensures that you will not be adding to this tremendous burden” (American-Humane, 2016).

Have you ever had a female cat go into heat?

This is another reason to get your female animals spayed, heat. When a female goes into heat cats start crying loudly and spray their scent on everything. Female dogs do not become loud like cats, but the bleed more. This is a mess when it’s all over your blankets and on your couch.

Another benefit of spaying and neutering is for their health. Spaying females before their first heat cycle can greatly decrease their risk of breast cancer and prevents uterine infections and cancer. Neutering males can prevent testicular cancer, enlargement of the prostate gland, and reduces their risk for perianal tumors.

Spay and Neutering is Important

25 percent of shelter dogs are purebreds!

Some people think they will get rich off of breeding their dogs or cats, this just isn’t so. Good breeders already have homes established for the new puppies and kittens. People, who breed their pets then try to sell them, end up giving some of them to shelters. It does not matter what breed. Breeding dogs and cats can be quite expensive. Between the food, vet bills, and time needed the cost can add up. There are laws against selling animals that are found to have diseases or defects. Having multiple litters is dangerous for the animal. Dogs and cats are not a get rich quick scheme.

If you have stray cats in you neighborhood, check with your local shelters, some of them catch and release. This means they catch them, spay/neuter them, and then release them. When they are wild they will never find a home so instead of killing them they let them go where they found them. Cats keep the rodent population under control and can be beneficial to the environment. So spay and neutering is important to keep them under control.  Dogs can be dangerous to the people, so catch and release is not an option for them.

Spay and Neutering is Important?

So yes, spay and neutering is important. Let’s keep as many dogs and cats out of the shelters as we can. Let’s stop needlessly killing these animals when there are ways to prevent it. Please spay and neuter your pet. In fact, if you buy your pet from a shelter most time it will already be spayed or neutered. That will save you money and save an animal’s life.





Tick and Flea Medication

Tick and Flea Medication

Ticks and fleas are very hard to get rid of once you have them. It’s easy to prevent them with tick and flea medication. Ticks can kill pets and people from Lime Disease. I have heard of several friends and family members whose dog got lime disease this spring.

Tick and Flea Medication
Fleas are very tiny and may look like dirt.

Tick and flea medication should be used year round, especially in warmer climates. Once fleas get into your house and in your carpet and furniture it is a nightmare to get rid of them. Medications come over the counter now and are a little cheaper than what the vet charges. Make sure you get the correct medicine for your pet, it goes by weight. Don’t guess, be accurate or you could harm your pet.

If you see your dog scratching a lot and you wake up looking like this:

Tick and Flea Medication
Flea bites on people

You probably have fleas. There are all kinds of medicines out there, but not all of them work the same. I have had no luck with one brand, but my friend loves it. So I guess it’s like any medication for humans. Some people get the side effects and some don’t.


What is that saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. From someone who had fleas twice, it sucks. The second time was not my fault. We had a relative stay with us whose dog had fleas. Be aware, if you have dogs coming to visit do not be shy about asking the owner if they are on a flea prevention or if they have fleas. It’s you who has to deal with the problem after they leave.

Ticks can be deadly!

Ticks carry lime disease which can be deadly for humans and animals. If you live near lots of trees or if you walk your dog in the park or forest preserve, always check your pet and yourself for ticks.

Tick and Flea Medication

Ticks get under the skin and feed off your blood. I can’t even post the pictures of what it looks like because it makes me gag. Anyways, always check yourselves and pets, cats too after you’ve been outside. Spray your yard with tick repellent and remove them as soon as possible. Tell your friends and family to do the same, we don’t want any sick pets or people out there.

Remember, tick and flea medication for your pet, yard repellents for the front and backyard, and thorough checking of yourself and your pet. Let’s have a healthy, pest free summer.


For All Those That Served, Human and Animal

Remembering Humans and Animals that Serve our Military

We all love our military personnel. Whether you like the president we have or not, our military men, women, and animals are all heroes. These people risk their lives for every one of us. They don’t think about what color you are, they don’t think about you being a criminal and a burden to society. They do not think about what religion you follow. What they do think about is the people of this country. Their country. They protect us all, every nationality that lives in these United States.

Remembering Humans and Animals that Serve our Military

Therefore, I would like to thank every one of them who risked or lost their lives protecting me and my family. I would like to thank their families for raising such an amazing, selfless child. We should be remembering humans and animals that serve our military and thank them. You can trash talk our military service people all you want because that is a right you have because of these people. They do not decide to invade other countries or go to war. They do what they are told to do to protect you.

Remembering Humans and Animals that Serve our Military

Men, Women, and Animals

Not only do men and women protect us, but dogs and rats do to. You cannot underestimate animal intelligence. Dogs have saved countless humans. They don’t think of themselves if they need to do something dangerous. They think of the people they are protecting and saving.

Remembering Humans and Animals that Serve our MilitaryRemembering Humans and Animals that Serve our Military

Rats help find landmines. They have saved thousands of military men and women. So, while you are sitting on your couch complaining about everything but doing nothing to change it, remember there are people and animals out there protecting you.

Remembering Humans and Animals that Serve our Military

Remembering All Those That Serve, Human and Animal


My father is a veteran from the Korean war. In his retirement years he joined the Moose and Elks and spent his time helping at the VA Hospital in Arizona. He would get upset about all the men coming back hurt physically and mentally. Being a vet, he knew it was a risk of serving, so he understood and wanted to do what he could for them. When women (or young girls as my father calls them) started coming in missing legs and arms, blind, or hurt in ways we cannot see, he had a harder time. My father is from a generation where women should be protected, not off fighting in wars.

Having three daughters, he knows that is a chauvinist way to think, but he will always think like that. Yet he knows women can protect themselves and that they are as brave as any man. It just breaks his heart to see them hurt. He is 86 now and cannot get around very well. He does not go anymore, I think it was just too painful for him. You could say he was lucky, he has all his limbs. However, he does not talk about the war much, as a lot of people don’t. I do not know how much of it he still carries around.

For All Those That Serve, Human and Animal

From now on, when you see a military member, do not be afraid to thank them. Remember all that they do for us. Remind your friends and family that our military is protecting us. Every nationality, every person in this country. Maybe not from our own family, or the pervert down the street, or the local gangs, but that is what the police are for, and a totally different post.

Remembering Humans and Animals that Serve our Military

Hero Dogs Every Dog Lover Should Know

Pet Product Review

Pet Product Review

Pet product reviews in my honest opinion. I will tell it how I feel for each product I post on here. I will tell about the company if I have any issues with them, good and bad. It’s just my opinion, but you may find it helpful.

Kong Classic


I ordered this for my 7 month old puppy, Luna. She’s about 30lbs and knee high. It arrived in a bubble envelope, so I was not expecting it to be the Kong. Completely my fault, I did not read the description very well. I was expecting it to be bigger for $9.95. Again, my fault, I did not look where it was coming from and saw Amazon has it for much less. You would think I would learn check and not order from places that are not from Amazon.

I ordered a shirt at Christmas, paid, but never got the shirt. The people stopped selling on Amazon so there was nothing I could do. Though this has nothing to do with the pet product review, you should beware of who your buying from. I put Amazon’s link for the cheaper one. Luna loves it, though and Kong is a great brand. It is not so small she will choke on it, but not big enough for her to lick the treats/peanutbutter out of it. I will order her a new, larger one eventually.

KONG Squeezz Crackle Ball

        Pet Procudt Review
This is a durable ball. Luna chews through tennis balls and those squishy rubber ones. It crackles when she chews on it so she thinks shes eating something she stole out of the recycle bin. The one we  got was orange, color did not matter to me. It bounces great and since she loves to jump and try to catch it, that was important.


Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew

Pet Product Review

Luna is not very interested in this. Once in a while she will pick it up and toss it. It is kind of heavy, and she likes to toss things in the air, so that may be why she is not so interested. As she gets bigger and stronger she may change her mind.  It also hurts when it is dropped on your foot.

Carlson Pet Products Maxi Extra Tall Walk-Thru Pet Gate size: 37″W x 38″H, 

Another nice product by Evenflo

Why do we spoil our pets?

Why do we spoil our pets?

Why wouldn’t we? Our pets bring us so much joy. They are like our children and we spoil them when we can, right? The only difference is if you spoil a pet too much they do not turn into ungrateful brats and demand more. Maybe it’s a good thing they cannot talk. They are always there for us, yes it’s because we feed them, but they are loyal. Well, dogs are, cats couldn’t care less.

"Why do we spoil our pets?Why do we spoil our pets?

Relieve the Boredom

One of my dogs likes to tear up stuffed animals and eat tissue. While there is nothing I can do about the tissue except make sure the garbage can is secure, I look for durable cloth dog toys. She still rips them, but it takes a lot longer. Unfortunately, a lot of stuffed toys come with a squeaker. Destroy the squeaker as soon as you get home. Just take a hammer to it. There are two reasons why-

  1. Your dog learns that the squeaker noise means it’s a toy and if he catches an animal in your yard, the squeaking will not warn him he is hurting something it will encourage him to kill any wildlife that enters your yard. Not because your dog is mean, but he thinks squeaking means toy. This could also make introducing a new pet difficult.
  2. It is the most annoying noise in the world. To have to sit and listen to that while trying to read, watch tv, sleep, or anything else is impossible. Destroy the squeaker.

"Why do we spoil our pets?Why do we spoil our pets?

Check out some of these toys or head to your local pet store and spoil your pets today. Treats are fine, but limit to once in a while. With all the fancy baked goods for dogs it will be as easy to fatten up your dog just like it is for us. Why do we spoil our pets? Because we can.

Interesting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science project

Interesting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science project

Want an interesting pet for your child that is temporary? Want to make it a fun science project, too? Think caterpillars. They are cheap-you can find them in your own backyard. You can also find their food in you backyard. All you need is a big jar with mesh or cheese cloth to cover the top and you have an interesting temporary pet for children, and a fun science project.

Interesting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science projectInteresting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science project


Interesting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science project

Bugs are fascinating creatures, most of them more so at a distance, but fascinating none the less. If you have a large jar or unused tank, glass or plastic works, take a walk around your yard in the spring and put an inch or two of soil in the bottom, then grab some sticks. Arrange them in your container so that the caterpillar can climb up and down. Now, search your trees and bushes for a caterpillar.

Interesting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science project
stinging caterpillar

Once you find one, remember what tree or bush you got it from, because that is where you will gather its food daily. Do not touch the caterpillar, use a leaf for it to crawl on and place it in its new home.  Mist the container with a spray bottle of water once in a while to keep it humid. Add some leaves from the plant you found the caterpillar on. There is a chance this is not the plant it eats. If your caterpillar does not eat these leaves then you will have to gather a variety of leaves and see which it likes. When you figured it out you will need to give it fresh leaves daily and remove the old leaves.

Do not put any containers of water in the tank. If it is too deep you caterpillar can drown. They get all the water they need from the leaves. You will need to clean out the poop (yes, caterpillars poop, a lot). You can remove the top layer of soil and add some fresh soil carefully. Supervise children so they don’t disturb the caterpillar too much. It is ok to gently hold the caterpillar, just know which one you have, some sting.

Interesting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science project

Keep Your Eye On It

Check on your caterpillar often so you can watch it pupate. It is fascinating to watch it build its chrysalis. Some moths pupate underground so you might not get to watch. Do some research on the internet to see what type of caterpillar you have. This will also let you know how long your caterpillar will take to pupate. Some only take a few days and some can take months. The more you know will lessen the chance that you miss it all.

Identify your caterpillar

Interesting Temporary Pets for Children-and a fun science project

Once your caterpillar hatches it will need to dry its wings. This may take a couple of hours. It is fun to watch them spread their wings. Once it starts to flutter around the container take it outside and  set it free. These creatures need to fly, some only live for a few days and need to find a mate asap.

You and your children will have a wonderful time watching this temporary pet, just remind you kids that it cannot live with you forever. Everyone will learn something about caterpillars, butterflies, and moths. Your children will learn the responsibility of taking care of a pet. Ths is definatly an interesting, temporary pet for children-and a fun science project.



Guinea Pigs make great pets

Guinea Pigs make great pets

Guinea Pigs make great pets if you have the time to care for them. They are social animals and need your attention, unlike hamsters and gerbils. Also, handling and petting are encouraged. What fun is a pet if you can only look at it (except fish).

Guinea Pigs make great pets

Furthermore, they will reward you with squeaks and chirps when they see you. Just like a dog, they are happy you are home. They do not bite like hamsters and gerbils. The only issue with guinea pigs is the smell. You can control this with proper cleaning and care.

Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pigs make great pets
They come in a variety of colors and hair styles.


A guinea pig diet consists of:

  • Premium guinea pig food, Timothy hay and limited amounts of vegetables and fruits. They love carrots.
  • Require 30 to 50 mg of vitamin C daily from: premium food, fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C, or Guinea pig vitamins.
  • Fresh, filtered watered, changed daily.
  • Do not give sugary treats, these are bad for them.


  • Guinea pigs should never be in direct sunlight or in a drafty area.
  • Provide as large a home as possible so they have room to run around. Make sure the cage is secure so your pet cannot get out.
  • They will need a thick layer of bedding in the habitat: Cedar and pine shavings are highly irritating to a guinea pig’s respiratory system and can cause an allergic reaction that can manifest in a chronic skin problem.

Guinea Pigs make great pets

Grooming & Hygiene

  • Guinea pigs clean themselves and rarely need baths
  • Brush fur with a soft-backed brush.
  • Guinea pigs need their nails clipped about once a month.
  • Teeth cleaning is not necessary.
  • Consult with a veterinarian if a guinea pig’s teeth or nails seem too long.

Other helpful sites

Any pet you choose should be researched. You would be surprised at how many cute pets are not that great. teach children to handle any pet with respect and care.

Petco Guinea Pigs tips

Dog Training

Work from home surveys: real or just a waste of time?

Work from home surveys: real or just a waste of time?

Work from home surveys, has anyone tried these as work from home opportunities? (I know this has nothing to do with pets, but I have to find out if any of this works.) I have, and I have found that they are a waste of time. They go on and on about getting paid to take surveys, but I never qualify for any of them.

work from home surveys

I have tried Tellwut, Inbox, Vindale, Opinion Poll, and countless others. All I get are a bunch of emails for surveys that want me to purchase one item from the gold list, two items from the platinum list, and so on. This seems to be nothing but a scam to me.  They always say You didn’t qualify for this survey, but we found another one. Then I go through filling out the information again only to be denied. What a pain. This isn’t the first time either. I’ve tried this before and got nothing.

I have never found a work from home opportunity that worked. Nor will I buy a program because I do not feel like I have to pay to work for someone. I am tired of wasting time on surveys that I don’t qualify for. 75% of the time they want you to join other survey panels that you never qualify for.

Does anyone have any legitimate work at home ideas?

Does anyone have any legitimate work at home ideas? Do you know anyone who qualifies for these surveys? Can anyone answer these questions?

Here are a couple of links that might help you decide if taking surveys is right for you. I just find it all to be a huge waste of time. I want a real job at home, not something that will pay me in gift cards if I earn enough points.

Scams or Legit?

How To tell a Scam!


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